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Meet My By The Sea Book

Meet My By The Sea Book

SKU: 364215376135191

The creators of this book have utilized the Montessori method of learning language to its fullest. Bright, vibrant illustrations bring the lyrics to life. The repetition and the calming sound of the ukulele help instill the letter sounds in the child’s absorbent mind. Caregivers will enjoy watching the love of learning spark in their child. New vocabulary may keep the adult engaged as well! (A “quiver” is a collection of surfboards.)


    Maria Montessori recognized the ability a child has to absorb the world around them. A child begins to absorb language in the womb. Repetition, song, visuals, and touch are combined in this book to initiate an ease of learning.

    🌊Ask your child if they can point to the objects on the page.

    🌊Can your child trace the hidden letter with their finger? If not, the adult reader can trace the letter. The child will learn through observation and try when they are ready.

    🌊Can you think of other objects that begin with each letter sound?

    🌊Listen to the song in the car.

    🌊Ask your child to sing along. After many repetitions your child will be singing the song on their own.

    🌊Caregivers can use the song with everyday objects, for example, during a snack sing "apple, apple, a, a, a." During playtime sing "lion, lion, l, l, l."


    Refund only available if book arrives damaged.


    Books are shipped via media mail and can take up to 10 days to arrive.

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